Who is eligible for WashU benefits as a qualified dependent? Here’s a quick reference:

  • Your spouse which is defined as a person you are legally married to under applicable state law where the marriage was performed. (This does not include ex-spouses even if you are required to provide court ordered benefits.)
  • Your same- or opposite-sex domestic partner which is defined as a person to whom you are not legally married, but who resides with you in a non-platonic relationship and with whom you have an emotional and financial commitment.  You or your domestic partner must not be married to or the Domestic Partner of another person.
  • Your or your spouse’s/domestic partner’s child under age 26 which is defined as a natural child, stepchild, a legally adopted child or child placed for adoption or child under full court appointed legal guardianship (under age 26).
  • Your child age 26 or older who is disabled and dependent on you for support as long as the disability existed prior to the child attaining age 26

Washington University is entitled to request and you may be required to provide documents to support your dependents’ eligibility. Refer to your Summary Plan Description (SPD) for details. Important! When you complete your enrollment, you will need to certify that you have reviewed and verified the eligibility of each of your enrolled dependents covered under the university health, dental and vision plans and they meet the definition of an eligible dependent. You will also be acknowledging that you understand that enrolling an ineligible dependent may result in termination of their coverage and repayment of ineligible claims. The university intends to implement a formal process to verify the eligibility of dependents covered under the plan beginning in 2024 and your dependents may be subject to review under that process.