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Your virtual benefits counselor, ALEX

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Compare plans and make the right decision based on your health care needs.  ALEX® will ask you a few questions about your health care needs (your answers remain anonymous, of course), crunch some numbers, and recommend a plan that’s best for your personal needs. You also have the option to print your plan recommendations for future reference.

Available for Faculty/Staff, Postdoctorals and Clinical Fellows.

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Series 2021
Now part of Optum Financial
866-347-7276Optum Financial Virtual Booth
Delta DentalDentaldeltadentalmo.com800-335-8266Delta Dental Virtual Booth
Express ScriptsPrescription
Express Scripts Virtual Booth
Savings Plan Virtual Booth
UnitedHealthcareHealthmyuhc.com800-382-2599UnitedHealthcare Virtual Booth
VSPVisionvsp.com800-877-7195VSP Virtual Booth

View recordings of the various Take Care series webinars held in October. This series highlighted the 8ight Ways to Wellness Principles to address important well-being topics focused on helping you take care of your health and well-being.