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Enroll for 2022 Benefits: November 1 – 17, 2021

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Washington University offers a comprehensive benefits program designed to support your overall well-being, helping you and your family thrive. Now it is time to learn about your benefits and make selections for 2022.

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to Enroll or Make Changes

  1. Enter your WUSTL Key and password
  2. Select the open enrollment task from your Workday inbox
  3. Then click the “Let’s Get Started” button and follow instructions

Need Help Enrolling through Workday?

View step-by-step instructions and a video demonstration of your open enrollment event.

Beneficiary Designations
Life insurance beneficiary information must be entered before you will be able to finalize your open enrollment elections. If you enter your beneficiary information before enrolling, you will not need to re-enter the information when you enroll. As a reminder, life insurance beneficiary information was not converted into Workday upon its implementation. Once updated, the Workday beneficiary information will take the place of the beneficiary record currently on file.

For instructions on how to add or update your life insurance beneficiaries, reference the Add, Change or Remove Beneficiaries  tutorial. There is no change to the beneficiary process for the Retirement Savings Plan. To designate or update a beneficiary for the Retirement Savings Plan, visit TIAA online.


  • Review your Enrollment Guide
  • Review the step-by-step Workday enrollment guide, which includes a video tutorial
  • Enroll in or change health and insurance coverages
  • Verify eligibility of your dependents covered on your benefits
  • If a dependent’s social security number (SSN) is missing, enter their SSN if you have it. Do not enter your SSN in the box. If you do not have the dependent’s SSN, select Reason SSN is Not Available and then indicate “missing” in the box.
  • Enroll/re-enroll in a health care or child care Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • Enroll/re-enroll in the Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Enroll or change your Retirement Medical Savings Account (RMSA)
  • Add or review Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation
  • Print a copy of your 2022 Enrollment elections from Workday. If you have increased Life Insurance or Disability coverage, check your Workday inbox for a task to submit a Statement of Health.

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Have Questions?

If you have questions or need help enrolling, contact the HR Benefits Team.

Phone: 314-935-2332
Email: hr-benefitsmail@wustl.edu